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期会 originates from a Japanese idiom, Ichi-go Ichi-e (一期一会), expressing a cultural concept to cherish everyone that we have came across in our lifetime as such moments may not reoccur. Every encounter requires a unique combination of time, space, light, mood, thought and circumstances. Some people come into our lives as a form of seed, which takes root over time. While there are others who may influence our whole life from a transient encounter.

How many people will you come across in your lifetime? Those whom you have met today, when will you meet them again? What if every encounter was not by happenstance and that these people were meant to teach you something in life? What will you do differently if you were conscious that every encounter is unique?

Remember, all of us are constantly changing. It is impossible for things to always be the same for anyone. Let us learn to treat everyone we meet like it is the first and the last, and appreciate everyone them to the fullest. Every one of us has the ability to impact others with a simple act of kindness. Kindness begets more kindness to the others we will not meet.

期待再相会 (long to meet again).We believe that all of us will eventually get to meet and reunite with our loved ones in the end. For those who have left us, Dawn suggests a brand new beginning for them.
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Dawn Funeral Services pride ourselves as a sensitive and affordable one-stop funeral services catered to everyone with various needs and wants. Prices and individual package’s contents are made transparent on our website allowing for ease of comparison. We are determined to maintain our services at an economical cost, which is worth the value for your money, while preserving the integrity of our practices.

Regardless of budget, we strive to provide nothing less but the best service and treat every client as our VIP. We have the experience to provide a wide range of services from traditional funeral to a contemporary funeral or even a mix of both. Our contemporary funeral set-ups are unique, modern and can be personalized in a dignified manner. Some other services include concierge staff to serve guests on your behalf, housekeeping services, overnight watch of the wake venue and more.

We genuinely care about your well-being during such difficult times and would want to be able to provide comfort in many ways possible. We will always be there for you, guiding you and your family alongside and listen to your needs to ensure that your loved one receives nothing less but the best.

You will be able to customize the entire funeral to meet your requirements. Regardless of what you expect and propose, from the selection of photos to the funeral service, we will help you realize your ideal and personalized funeral. We believe that everyone we love holds a special meaning in our lives. By employing our services, we can help you translate them into memories to last forever.

To provide comfort and guidance to bereaved families as well as to provide them with exceptional and meaningful end-of-life services. We work with the utmost care for every family we come across with, giving them the quality service we would have afforded our own family in time of need.
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Our vision is to be the preeminent provider of one-stop funeral services for all families in Singapore, known for our service, credibility and transparency in prices. We strive to set the standard for excellence in service quality within the industry.
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Our Core Values
Service is our core value that encompasses our other values: Empathy, Commitment, Integrity, Sincerity and Professionalism. We assure you that our staff is committed to provide professional guidance through the planning of your funeral. Our service differentiates us from our competitors and we promise to provide a quality service that is catered for your needs.
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Our company believes that quality services should be catered at value for money. We promise to adhere to the prices we quote and we will not conform to any underhanded practices.
We want you to know what you are in for, hence we have listed the various funeral package prices, sorted based on different religions. Every single item has been listed clearly to reflect the content of each package. We guarantee you that there will not be any unrevealed costs in the packages that we have stated.
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Founder's Message
We understand that during this time of loss, it is difficult and agonizing for all. At Dawn Funeral Service, we assure that you can feel at ease and trust us to handle your loved ones’ funeral. Our staff is empathetic and highly trained to ensure that you have the best service possible

There are several base packages available in order to simplify the process for you. These packages can be modified to satisfy the special wishes of your loved ones. Our prices are made available online so that you can easily do a comparison with the other companies and make a better decision. Our funeral directors are available at all time throughout the year to guide you.

In the past few years, I have repeatedly seen families pay exorbitant prices for a simple funeral. People employ these expensive funeral services simply because they were recommended by someone. Moreover, some may perceive a low budget allocation as being disrespectful to the deceased.

A funeral held too basic and plain may be regarded miserly. On the other hand, something over the top can be regarded as excessive and lavish. You may feel that an acceptable quotation will be somewhere in between, putting all hopes that the funeral service catered will also be of a decent standard and not dash your expectations. In Dawn Funeral Services, we assure you that we only offer packages that suit your ability without forgoing our services quality. Our set up is elegant regardless of packages and there will not be unrevealed costs in our packages so that you always know what is inclusive.

Through dealing with death on a daily basis, it made me realized that there is more to life that we should appreciate. We hope to translate losses to gains as we remind one another to show our appreciation and treasure tiny moments with others, as reflected by our name 期会, for the reason that one’s loss is another’s reunion. And we believe that all of us would eventually reunite with our love ones at the other end, thus 期待再相会 (looking forward to meet again).

Dawn Funeral Services is based on these principles. Our goal is to see our customers grow with us and to make death a more controversial topic, especially that death surrounds harsher topics such as mental disorders and physical health issues.

We also hope to educate the public about the growing ageing population problem in Singapore, the issues that these elderly in Singapore are facing and what we could do as a society to provide them with dignified funerals. One of the ways which we are moving towards to, is to reduce wastages in funerals by donating it to others in need. It may just be a carton of water which you have leftover to be donated but each effort counts and would definitely snowball. If you would like to contribute a donation, feel free to email us at

Furthermore, we also want to bring about awareness of mental health issues and correct certain stigma about mental disorders. We want to discuss mental health openly so that more people are aware of deaths among youths and adults in Singapore, related to mental health issues.

Elodas W. Xiao Hui
Funeral consultant