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Plan funerals ahead of time so that you can avoid unprepared costs and secure prices of funeral services at today’s value rather than the inflated costs overtime.

You plan in advance because you know it is hard for your love ones to grieve with the added pressure from planning a funeral. You want professionals to be there to guide them right at the beginning so that you know they are well taken care of in times of confusion and will not be deceived by dishonest companies. You can make your wishes known and plan the funeral to your desired funeral. Be it a specific flower type that has to be the centerpiece to a specific en-route you want your love ones to take during the funeral day itself, you can be in control of the funeral arrangements and perfect the farewell to your preferences. Moreover, you can relieve the financial burden of your love ones as you set aside the costs of your desired funeral.

We assure you that we will follow through according to your wishes, stick to the expected costs that you have opted for and be right there with your love ones when it is time to.

Feel free to contact our funeral directors at for any enquiries about pre-planning.
Repatriation is the process of sending or bringing your loved ones back to the home country he (or she) came from. For repatriation, there are paperwork and permit to apply for and we are here to ease you in bringing your loved one home safely. Fret not that there will be delay in repatriation as we are available 24/7 to follow through the repatriation process and we are highly experienced with various countries’ regulations and required documentation.

For Repatriation from Singapore (For Foreigners), services include:
Receive the deceased for embalming and encoffin
Complete paperwork required to obtain coffin export permit
Handle logistic needed to send the body back to home country
Assist booking of flights and accommodation for the bereaved family
Providing air-conditioned holding area while waiting for airport clearance for repatriation

For Repatriation to Singapore (For Singaporeans), services include:
Handle all necessary paperwork and logistics to ensure the remains is allowed into Singapore i.e. avoid unnecessary delay
Actual staging of the funeral including burial or cremation arrangements
Accompanying of family member to foreign country to offer advise on collection and repatriation of the remains (optional an don request)

Please contact our funeral directors at for any questions with regards to repatriation.
Gong Teck
Gong Teck (功德)
Similar to a memorial service, Gong Teck is more common among the Buddhist and Taoist as a form doing merits for one’s ancestors while showing respect and appreciation to their loved ones that has passed.

There are various rituals conducted in a Gong Teck such as:
Chanting of sutras
This may alleviate the sufferings of the deceased in the netherworld, as well as to obtain favourable rebirth from accumulated merits over his lifetime.
Ulk-Mukha Dharma Service (Releasing the Flaming-Mouth Ritual)
On behalf of the deceased, food and drinks are given to hungry ghosts to accumulate merits.
Breaking of Hell’s Gate and Observing of Light
Rites are performed to seek mercy from God and to relieve the deceased from their external sufferings.

You may carry out Gong Teck services on the 49th day, 100th day, 1st year and/or 3rd year after the funeral day itself. Depending on individual’s dialect and religious customs, the Gong Teck procession may take between 6 hours to 3 days, you may contact our funeral directors at for more details.
We cater exhumation services for tombs that have past the burial period of 15 years. With private exhumation, families can benefit by choosing an auspicious date and time for the exhumation and witnessing the process of recovering what was buried.

Our services includes:
Application for exhumation service
Choosing of an auspicious date and time
Ground-breaking ceremony
Exhumation of remains
Clearing of debris
Cremation service
Transportation and delivery of cremated remains.

Religious services are charged depending on the religion and requirements.

We can also help to relocate remains after the cremation process. There are a few options to place the ashes at:
Government columbarium (Eg. Mandai)
Our staff would assist you with contacting the relevant parties
Private columbarium
You are advised to purchase the niche lot and urn before the exhumation in order to not delay the relocation of remains
Sea Burial
Rental of a boat, permit application, one of our staffs will be onboard to assist you

Feel free to contact our funeral directors at for any enquiries about exhumation.
Wreath and Flowers
Wreath and Flowers
Wreath and Flowers
We often find it hard to look for the right words and actions when expressing sympathy to someone dealing with the loss of a loved one. Giving sympathy flower is one of the methods to provide comfort and support to the bereaved family as we convey our feelings through these cards and flowers.

Moreover, it is never too late to send sympathy flowers with a heartfelt message expressing your condolences even if the funeral or wake is over. It is always better to acknowledge a loss than to ignore it, especially if the person experiencing the loss is a family member, friend or colleague.

With our experience, we are able to provide you with greater understandings into how to console and empathize a loved one in need. From choosing a floral arrangement or gift basket to proposing messages on sympathy cards, our dedicated team is available to guide you through this difficult process. They can be reached at
Memorial Services
Memorial Services
Memorial Services
A memorial service can be conducted to pay tribute to our loved ones as we share our most treasured memories of them. A memorial service can be conducted anywhere that holds meaning as long as it is able to fit the capacity of the guests. There are various options to give a personal touch to an individual’s memorial service. Such may include music, a certain type of food, poetry readings, showcasing their lifetime work, videography and more. Our dedicated team will work together with you in ensuring an ideal memorial services. Contact us at to get more information with regards to memorial services.
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